Real Estate 101

Make It Happen!

Membership that can offer 

  • True Real Estate Investing Education
  • Networking With Action Takers
  • Peer Reviewed Vendor Contacts
Make It Happen Now!

Welcome To Success!

Are You?

  • Not sure where to start, and which path is right for optimum results?
  • Are you concerned there are no deals out there?
  • Wasting time with Guru's and, non stop sales pitch with little education?
  • Tired of networking events that are more about the free beer and chicken wings?

Here's What We Found

  • Working with a group can 10X your Real Estate Investing.
  • Most investors are looking for clarity and not a party.
  • Investors have a hard time finding reliable contractors.
  • Some investors say there are no deals out there.

What Is Real Estate 101-Make It Happen?

It it a unique educational membership. Depending on your own unique real estate and investing goals we offer success tracks. Our success tracks consist of everything from Wholesalers, Passive Investing and Syndicators. We offer in person and zoom meetings. A library of real estate classes. Networking with action takers and solid industry leader trades.

Real Estate 101-Make It Happen


We Help You Make Real Estate Investing Happen!

Make It Happen Now!

What You Will Get

Includes: 5 Educational Events both Live and Webinar per month

A few of the types of events we provide:
- Real Estate 101
- Success And Networking Event
- Professional Trade Night
- 4 Ways To Make Money Passively
- 5 Ways To Make Money REI Class
- Wholesalers And Rehabbers
- The New Landlord Workshop
- Loan Document

Member Bonuses!

  • Exclusive access to trade list - Peer Reviewed
  • Educational video library
  • Member's only resources and website
  • Access to community workspace at The Texas Real Estate Investment Center
  • Flat fee Air BNB Management

Event Access

Exclusive access to 5 educational events both Live and Webinar per month

Community Vendor Space

Access to community vendor space at The Texas Real Estate Investment Center

Video Library

Access to hundreds of hours of educational resource videos

What Our Member Are Saying

"My life and my husband's life and my children's life completely. I'm thankful that I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Texas Real Estate. I am Proud member of the Make It Happen Club. I highly recommend if anyone who is looking for a financial freedom should definitely be part of this exclusive club."

Alma Sagastegui Whelan

"Make It Happen membership, expanded my network. I really do think you'll learn even if you're a new investor or a seasoned investor. I think everybody can learn something. Doesn't matter. if you've been doing real estate for 10 years, 20 years. Jason & Robert have an abundance of knowledge that you'll take away from just being around them."

Hugo Fuentes

Real Estate 101-Make It Happen

 We Help You Make Real Estate Investing Happen!

Make It Happen Now!